ISI Centre of Excellence and Education is a purpose built High Performance Centre with our onsite Nutritional Clinic, Classroom, Floatation Therapy, Recovery Centre and Rehab Clinic.

The unique environment allows the most optimal training and coaching possible. Our weightroom diversity and equipment facilitates modifications to any abilities, bodies and goal.

One world class centre for a world class Training Camp.

€1500+ worth of


As this a PURELY Training Camp with no lectures or presentations. I have decided to increase the value of your purchase by adding in:

5 Program Design Series = €500

Nutrition Course = €99

Masterclass Recordings only = €1000

Thats over €1500+ worth of added value on top of the 2 Full Days of Coaching, Food, Supplements and Fun. Oh and DOMS.

Jump Start Your Training Focus, Drive and Motivation. Ideal for Trainers, Strength Coaches and Serious Trainees.


2 Day Training Camp Focusing on Body Comp, Fat Loss, Nutrition & Periodisation

2 Days of 3 Workouts In The ISI Centre of Excellence Coached By Adam and Eoin

This weekend is focusing on training and expert coaching from Adam and Eoin. If you are looking to improve your exercise technique, enhance your training drive or you just want to be put through your pacing with a group of like minded training partners and world class coaches. Then this weekend is for you. Fun, good food and some crack.

*This is not an educational seminar or workshop. Supportive online educational material is included in your purchase.

Learn the difference from

Training to Being Coached.